Brooklyn Tech Football Hall of Fame Inductees

Coach William Assiff (Class of 1952) played for Brooklyn Tech in 1948, 1949 and 1951. He was a three year starter and co-captain of the team. He was also named to the Brooklyn Eagle’s All Scholastic Team. Coach Assiff lettered in football and baseball at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. After serving in the military, Coach Assiff returned to Brooklyn Tech and coached into the 1980s. Coach Assiff worked at IBM for 25 years, and after retiring created his own company, Educational Resources.

Coach Joseph Cuzzocrea began teaching and coaching at Brooklyn Tech in the fall of 1965. He coached under Coach Adam Cirillo until 1969 and became the head coach in 1970 and coached for 16 years — winning six division champions and appearing in two semi-finals and one appearance int he PSAL City Championship. He was named First Team Daily News Coach of the Year in 1972. Coach Cuzzocrea retired from teaching in 2001 and sits on the Board of Directors of the Adam J. Cirillo Scholarship Foundation and is a founding member of the Brooklyn Tech Football Hall of Fame.

Herve Damas (Class of 1990) played for Brooklyn Tech from 1986 — 1989. Damas was named to the Brooklyn Big 44, All Brooklyn, All City and the USA Today Top 100 Prospect team during his senior year, while also being named Defensive Player of the Year in Brooklyn. At Hofstra, Damas was a three-year starter at linebacker and received a number of accolades. He signed a free agent contract with the Buffalo Bills in 1995. Damas pursued a career in medicine and founded Grassroots Medicine and Wellness.

Gordon Flemming (Class of 1947) played for Brooklyn Tech from 1943 — 1946. He led the city in scoring in 1945 with 98 points. He was selected to the Brooklyn Eagle’s All Brooklyn, All Scholastic and All Metro teams and was a first team All City selection. Flemming was a three year starter for Lafayette College. In 1951, he returned to Brooklyn Tech to coach until the 1970s. Flemming was a head engineer for the Brooklyn Water Department.

Randall Joseph (Class of 1996) played for Brooklyn Tech in 1994 and 1995. In 1994, was the team’s leading rusher. In 1995, he was named All-City — rushing for over 1,000 yards on 99 carries and scoring 17 touchdowns. Joseph was a three year starter at tailback at Colgate University. He currently works as an IT Manager.

George Mason (Class of 1974) was a three-year starter at quarterback for Brooklyn Tech from 1970 — 1973. He was a first-team All-City election and first-team Parade Magazine All-American. He led the the 1972 team to the Brooklyn Championship and took the team to the PSAL City Championships the same year. He was a three year starter at quarterback at the University of Miami, where he earned a business degree in 1978. He has been the senior pastor of Wilshire Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas since 1989.

Brian Tracey (Class of 2004) was a two-year varsity captain and named All-Borough and All-City during the 2003 season. Tracey walked on to the football team at Rutgers University. Tracey currently works at the University of Washington with the non-profit organization Seattle Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement, as the high school program coordinator.